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IntaMission UK-based Company

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IntaMission is a UK-based software infrastructure company. IntaMission’s software platform, Autevo, allows application software developers to build complex mission-critical distributed software systems, i.e. “industrial-strength” software systems with a high number of processes and transactions running in parallel on various network resources and across geographically spread locations.

IntaMission’s Autoevo middleware platform enables enterprises to dynamically reconfigure and adapt their IT systems to meet rapidly changing environments. This leads to many benefits such as simpler systems, faster time to market for new services, increased productivity and reduced overall system costs.

Autevo service-oriented middleware can be added to existing infrastructures without displacing existing software investment. In Autevo, information flows are shared and coordinated around IT networks and systems in a way that is de-coupled, self-healing and flexible. By adding Autevo, companies can scale their systems on demand, adapt seamlessly to system failure and evolve, all without downtime or increasing development and administrative burdens.

IntaMission is working with leading system integrator partners specializing in the telco sector, like Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and Equador.