Advisory Board

Robert Bonnier

Company: Scoot – Leading European Internet directory services portal delivering over various media.

Country: United Kingdom

Position Covered: Former CEO

Carlo Ghezzi

Company: Politecnico di Milano – Most distinguished Italian University of Engineering.

Country: Italy

Position Covered: Senior Professor of Software Engineering (120 papers, 8 books, consultant to Italian Government)

Edgar Mazri

Company: Matrix Partners – Premier venture capital firm (invested in apple computer, cascade, sycamore net, etc)

Country: United States

Position Covered: Partner (Former Senior VP Business Development and Executive Committee member for 3com corp)

Stephin Pettit

Company: Cable & Wireless – Multinational telecommunications operator

Country: United Kingdom

Position Covered: Former Executive Director Corporate Development and Member of the Board

Christophe Ripert

Company: Thompson Multimedia – 4th largest consumer electronic manufacture (brand: RCA, GE, Telefunken, and SABA)

Country: France, United States

Position Covered: Former Senior member of Executive Committee and President Europe

Giuliano Venturi

Company: Edison Tel – Alternative telecom carrier owned by the major Italian private energy utility group

Country: Italy

Position Covered: CEO